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Ecommerce Websites for Salons

Unlock the potential of your salon with an ecommerce platform designed for success in retail sales. A sleek, consistent, and feature-rich website from SalonEcom can enhance your customer experience and drive your revenue.

The SalonEcom solution presents your stylists professionally, highlighting their skills and expertise for easy customer viewing and booking. It’s more than a digital storefront; it’s a stage that effectively showcases your top-quality hair care and styling products. Beyond facilitating seamless online bookings, your website becomes a narrator eloquently sharing your salon’s unique history and values.

Your next retail success and customer satisfaction level start with our tailored e-commerce solutions for salons. Transform your online presence effortlessly and watch your salon thrive!

Retail Sales

  • Elevate your sales by illustrating in vivid, crystal-clear terms the benefits of the products you've carefully selected to make available to your clients.
  • Complement product descriptions with usage instructions, ingredient lists, stylist recommendations, and customer reviews.
  • Set your ecommerce product pages apart with video and image galleries of stylist short recommendation videos, before and after photographs, and customer-generated content.

Your Salon's Story

  • Tell the story of your salon and what sets your business and team apart from your competitors.
  • Describe the precepts that ensure your stylists are artists with special training and expertise.
  • Share of how you give back to your community and operate with environement stewardship.
  • Define the special services and features your salon provides to keep your clientele coming back.

Stylist Profiles

  • Illuminate your talented team with search engine optimized profiles that include a headshot, biography, and personalized image and video galleries showcasing their masterpieces.
  • Provide an up-to-date list of services with price estimates, booking policies, and a book online link.
  • Ensure that guests can easily look up a stylist that was referred, or find a new stylist based on level options filtering and service specialties.
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    BOPIS integrated

    • Ensure your website presents salon pick-up options on product and checkout pages to convert sales among customers concerned about shipping costs, timeframes, and carbon footprint.
    • Configure a robust auto-delivery plan that ensures staff alerts and customer communications every step of the way to avoid delays. The plan should encompass email and text deliveries.

    Flexible Payments & Fast Checkouts

    • Key features for a salon to maximize online sales include the ability to accept multiple payment types, use of payment accelerators (i.e., Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal), offer split tender checkouts across multiple payment types, easy gift card entry, and gratuity additions.
    • Optimize the checkout interface for efficiency and accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, gift cards, checks, and cash.
    • Ensure your ecommerce platform and messaging build customer trust at every step of the process and on every page. Customers will not checkout if they have doubts as to whether your salon has adequately invested in protecting their security and privacy.

    Multimedia Galleries

    • Captivate clients with image and video galleries displayed in mosaic layouts that are tagged and annotated with the stylists or products featured in media.

    Client Profiles & Account Management

    • Gather invaluable data for personalized service and product recommendations through online customer registrations.
    • Ensure customers can self-update their account information and communication preferences.
    • Manage account requests and approvals through a multi-step process that prevents customer input overload while ensuring you secure all the valuable information desired.

    Gift Cards

    • Boost revenue with online sales of digital gift cards that easily transform into payments towards services or products on your website and in your salon.

    Discounts & Promotions

    • Consider seasonal or product launch sales codes and links that can offer free products with purchase, discounts of fixed amounts or percentages, BOGO deals, and free shipping.
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    Responsive Website Design

    • Guarantee an optimal online experience with a Responsive Website Design that ensures your website looks stunning on mobile and large monitors.
    • Confirm your website is built with a focus on accessibility and W3C Standards so all your guests can benefit from your online efforts while boosting your organic search traffic and conversions.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Incorporate best-in-class SEO strategies and technical guidelines for a competitive edge by ranking highly on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
    • Carefully craft SEO'd page meta titles and on-page headers that are properly weighted with the keywords that describe the salon, stylist, or product.
    • Take the time to set up keyword-rich, hyphenated page handles/URLs and image file names.
    • Do not omit the critically important Alt (alternative text) description for each image.
    • Make sure the content of your webpage is written to match the intent of a search engine user when seeking what you have to offer.

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