Digital Signage

The Secret Weapon for Hair and Beauty Salons

In the competitive salon retail landscape, digital signage has emerged as a transformative tool, elevating product displays and enhancing customer engagement. The SalonEcom solution, consisting of Samsung Displays, Media Players, and Lift & Learn Hardware, offers a comprehensive gameplan for salons of all sizes. Salons have seen "tremendous results" with playing product and brand videos, and now, with the inclusion of Lift & Learn, are further elevating results.

Boost brand awareness and store traffic: Studies show that digital signage can increase brand awareness by 48% and store traffic by 33%.

Bridge knowledge gaps: Digital signage can provide detailed product information, helping customers make informed purchase decisions.

Craft dynamic displays: Videos, animations, and interactive features can be used to create engaging product presentations.

Ensure relevancy: Digital signage allows for quick updates, ensuring displays remain current and on-trend.

Be ready for consultative sales: Digital screens adjacent to product shelves are powerful visual aids to support stylist and front-of-house staff recommendations.

Retention and Recruitment: Digital signage is valuable for staff retention and recruitment through scheduled, engaging content and recruitment messages.

Extend Display Capacity: Digital signage extends the display space without cluttering shelves, allowing customers to explore all available products easily.

Respond to inventory fluctuations: Promote products that are in stock and available, removing or de-emphasizing out-of-stock items to minimize customer frustration and increase sales.

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